While this is not an exhaustive list, it should get you started with some age-appropriate resources. If you know of excellent resources that are missing, please feel free to send them to us for evalation. Go STEM! (Last updated 2021 May21)

Award Requirements

Cub Scout Unit Guide for STEM Nova Activities

Troop Guide for STEM Nova Activities

Venturing and Sea Scout Unit Guide for STEM Nova Activities

Scouting and STEM - Greater St Louis Area council - YouTube Channel

Supernova presentation speech example

Decoding Science: How does science know what it knows? (a National Academies Presentation)

Cub Scouts

1-2-3 Go! (Math)

Cub Scouts Can Code (Programming)

Down and Dirty (Earth Science)

Fearful Symmetry (Symmetry)

Nova Wild (Wildlife)

Out of this World (Space Exploration)

Science Everywhere

Swing! (Simple Machines/Levers)

Tech Talk (Technology)

Uncovering the Past (Archeology)

Up and Away (Fluid Dynamics)

Cub Scout Luis Alvarez Supernova

Scouts BSA

Designed to Crunch (Math)

Hello World (Programming)

Mendel’s Minions (Genetics)

Next Big Thing (Product Design)

Splash! (Water)

Let It Grow! (Agriculture)

Shoot! (Projectile motion)

Start Your Engines! (Energy)

Up and Away (Fluid Dynamics)

Whoosh! (Simple machines)

Wade (Water)

Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award and Thomas Edison Supernova Award Competitions

Venturing/Sea Scouts Novas

Execute (Programming)

Hang On! (Levers, simple machines)

Launch! (Projectiles)

Numbers Don’t Lie (Math)

Power Up (Energy)

Something From Nothing (3D Printing)

Wade! (Water)

What a Life (Biological life)



Real Scientists

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